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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

At Aaction Automotive Center, our diagnostic technicians are trained, experienced, well equipped and highly motivated to solve any diagnostic problem that they face. We have access to manufacturer specific repair and diagnostic information. Not many shops in all of Arizona have made this investment. But our reputation is based on our diagnostic services and we have the best technicians, best equipment and best information in the Kingman and Golden Valley area. We even have regular customers from as far as Phoenix and Las Vegas who will only allow our technicians to perform maintenance and repairs on their vehicles. Simple or complicated, Aaction Automotive Center is the only place in town to trust your vehicle diagnostics and repairs.

In the vehicles of yesterday, a diagnostic technician only needed a test light and a basic wiring diagram to repair just about any electrical problem. Today’s vehicles present a nearly endless variety of problems that require a fairly quick diagnosis and repair. The average vehicle produced since 1996 had at least 3 computerized systems. Fast forward to 2015 where most vehicles have upwards of 10 to 20 separate computers. The computers monitor and control critical vehicle control systems such as Engine Control, Anti Lock Brake, Vehicle Stability, Air Bag and Restraint Systems to the mundane systems such as the Radio, Fuel Economy System, Compass and Power Windows.

Today’s diagnostic technician must have the latest computerized diagnostic tools in their arsenal. They must also be trained and skilled in not only the tools they use but must also thoroughly understand the systems being diagnosed. Access to the most up to date repair information must be available in order to effectively repair today’s vehicles. Today’s technician must have the ability to understand and use several different computerized diagnostic scan tools and diagnostic strategies; all while being capable of thinking outside the box.

Most vehicles can only be diagnosed with manufacturer specific scan tools. At Aaction Automotive Center, we currently have manufacturer specific scan tools for the following makes: General Motors, Ford, and Toyota. We also have the latest Snap On scan tool which can diagnose most systems on Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes Benz and many other makes.