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Interval Services

Interval Services

At Aaction Automotive Center, we are qualified to provide the same interval services that all dealerships can at a much lower cost. We have access to the same vehicle information as the dealerships and our interval services will keep your warranty intact. Keeping the interval inspections current on your vehicle is critical for warranty coverage. Dealerships could deny a warranty claim on your vehicle if you can’t show proof of interval services and preventive maintenance. Additionally, manufacturer suggested interval services indicate potential maintenance costs for potential car buyers and should be considered when making a decision to purchase a vehicle.

Interval services are commonly referred to as 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 mile services. They are a combination of inspections and maintenance procedures set up by vehicle manufacturers based on time intervals or miles driven. Each vehicle has a specific interval service schedule that the manufacturer has developed for that particular make, model and engine/transmission combination. In reality the mileage term is only part of the interval requirements. All manufacturers have suggested inspection and maintenance procedures every 3000 to 5000 miles. “Severe service” environments can also impact the suggested interval services. Arizona falls under the “Severe Service” category due to high dust areas, extremes in high and low temperatures, and rough road conditions.

Common inspection items in interval services may include
• brake,
• exhaust,
• steering and suspension systems,
• hoses and belts etc.

Typical maintenance procedures (depending on mileage) include replacement of
• engine oil and filters,
• air and fuel filters,
• PCV valve,
• spark plugs and/or
• the timing belt.
**Replacement of the timing belt at the recommended interval is particularly important and can and will prevent expensive repairs.

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