3987 Stockton Hill Rd
Kingman, AZ 86409
(928) 757-1313

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Welcome to Aaction Automotive Center!

We are a family operated business, and have been in operation for 15 years. We are all about honesty and integrity. We believe in providing excellent customer service and will never sell you a repair or maintenance item that your vehicle does not need.

In April of 1999, Raoul and Carole Collins and Louis and Gina Collins opened Aaction Automotive Center in Kingman, AZ. Their vision of providing quality and economical repairs is something that they have been refining ever since. Raoul has a strong background in personnel management and customer relations. Carole is in the legal profession and has been a certified paralegal for 15 years and has been a bonded fiduciary since 2006. Louis is a self-professed electrical and electronics diagnostics geek with over 30 years of experience. Gina has made a career in office management and bookkeeping.

Their motto of “if you don’t want it fixed right, take it somewhere else” is something that they live by. Aaction Automotive Center will only effect the most correct repair in the most economical manner and the partners pride themselves on the ethical treatment of their customers. In keeping with their mantra of “Don’t sell the customer anything they don’t need”, the service staff performs a comprehensive visual and performance inspection on every vehicle they service. Louie, the service advisor will then go over the inspection results with the customer to ensure that the vehicle is in top shape.

When you bring your vehicle to Aaction Automotive Center, you can rest assure that it will receive only their best effort in service and repair. Our ASE certified technicians envision putting their own family members in your vehicle and sending them on a long road trip before they pronounce any vehicle ready for delivery to you, our customer. This philosophy has served the well over the years and garnered them hundreds of long term happy customers for Kingman auto repair.

Why don’t you give them an opportunity to turn you into a happy, happy customer?

Please schedule an appointment with our friendly staff by clicking the Appointment tab, above or by calling (928) 757-1313.

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