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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a broad term used to describe the actions taken by an automotive repair or service facility to ensure the road worthiness of your vehicle. Preventative maintenance can be something as simple as inspecting your vehicle’s air filter or as complicated as the replacement of spark plugs. Typically, preventative maintenance should include a thorough inspection of critical and non critical systems that ensure your vehicle will deliver you safely to your destination.

In the vehicles of yesterday, preventative maintenance meant a basic oil change and tire rotation. Oil changes are critical as they allow the service technician to inspect the vehicle from the information center to the engine compartment, the tires and finally under the vehicle.

Although not as comprehensive as a mileage interval inspection and service, the basic oil change is the first opportunity to spot minor issues and correct them before they become major and costly repairs. This is the basic definition of preventative maintenance; to perform maintenance on the second most expensive thing most people own second only to your home.is why it is crucial to find an ethical and honest automotive repair facility for all of your preventative maintenance and repairs. On the surface, it may make economical sense to shop for the best deal on an oil change or chase the latest coupons for a bargain; but most likely you will end up going to several different service facilities whose only interest is to sell you expensive upgrades and services that aren’t likely to extend the life of your vehicle or live up to the spirit of preventative maintenance.

At Aaction Automotive Center, we take great pride in getting to know both our customers and their vehicles. We maintain a detailed history of all preventative maintenance visits and corrective actions. This allows us to evaluate the needs of the vehicle, identify negative trends and prioritize services so we can offer the most comprehensive yet economical service your vehicle deserves. Our commitment to the economical servicing of your vehicle is more than just a trite phrase. It is what drives everyone involved. From the service writer to the technician to the office personnel.