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Here at Aaction Automotive Center, we pride ourselves in providing excellent service in the following areas:

Auto Repair Services

At Aaction Automotive Center we take our auto repair services very seriously. We understand that your vehicle is your only means of transportation and a breakdown could even cause you to miss work. We do our best to evaluate the problem and recommend the best repair to get your car back on the road. What we don’t do is band aid the problem. Once your vehicle is repaired, it should give you miles of driving and complete peace of mind. That’s why we only install the highest quality parts available. Our name and reputation goes into every repair that we perform. Our motto is “If You Don’t Want It Fixed Right, Take It Somewhere Else”. If a repair is performed only part of the way then it is likely that your vehicle will only get you part of the way to your destination. We will do our utmost to ensure that every repair is quality oriented yet performed in the most economical way possible with out unnecessary add-ons or upgrades.

Automotive repair is the most dreaded phrase for vehicle owners. It is the unplanned expense which arises from a part failure. Even the most meticulously maintained vehicle isn’t exempt from a part failure. Due to the complex nature of today’s vehicles, parts failures can run the whole spectrum of problems from minor issues, which at worst cause an inconvenience, to a complete vehicle breakdown rendering the vehicle either unfit or unsafe to drive. A relatively inexpensive cooling system gasket can fail which, left undetected, by the vehicle driver can result in a complete loss of coolant causing major engine damage. A bad spark plug can cause unburned fuel to travel into the catalytic converter causing the converter to fail requiring an expensive replacement.

Vehicle breakdowns can be caused by countless problems in any system: Brakes, Transmission, Engine, Electrical Systems, Suspension Systems, Steering, Cooling System, Air Conditioning, or Fuel System to name a few. The list can seem nearly endless. For the vehicle owner, a vehicle breakdown can be one of the most stressful things that can happen. You need your vehicle to operate correctly and safely because without it, your life can literally be placed on hold.